Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Amazing 21 Card Magic Trick

One special type of conjuring device always done by corporate magicians is those needing the utilization of playing cards. Card magic is undisputed in its glamor and rises above the foreign language blockade being magic of an aesthetic nature. Card tricks may be brought about using more experienced sleight-of-hand procedure calling for innumerable months of concentrated practice but they can also be very unproblematic tricks needing no skillfulness only that of performing skill. Here is a simple magic trick with cards that you can use to amaze your chums with.

The Infamous 21 Card Trick

This card magic trick falls into the category of self working tricks where you are only required to know the secret to make it work and stun your buddies. For this magic trick you will need a sum total of 21 singular cards from any pile of playing cards.

To exhibit the magic trick, deal the cards into a triple row of 7 cards with the front surfaces of the cards facing out. This will generate having 3 packs (rows) of playing cards securing 21 in sum total.

Challenge a viewer to only think of any card in any row and keep its identity secret from anyone else that is watching. Ask the looker-on to only disclose in which specific bunch of 7 their thought of card lies amongst. Just after this has been concluded, sandwich this group in the middle of the other 2 groups as the pack is made even into a single chunk.

You now duplicate the original dealing grouping by dealing all twenty one cards into three columns of 7 face-up cards. You once more question the watcher only to reveal in which row the thought of card is laid. Once announced you repeat what you did early on by sandwiching this group between the other two as the cards are gathered and squared into a stack.

If you have observed these directions very closely up until now, the watchers thought of card will now be at location 11 from the top of the face down stack. To announce the looker-ons thought of card start dealing the cards face up onto the table slowly one by one. Ask the bystander to silently imagine 'that's my card' each time a card is dealt. Secretly count the cards as you deal them and when you turn over the card at place 11 make out like that you received a fright. Affirm this to be the thought of card to astound the bystander and any friends that are viewing this sensation. Anyone whatching this will give you credit for being an amazing magician and may well book you sometime to be a table top magician.

Although this card magic trick reads as an elementary and self working magic effect, the conclusion can be very brilliant to any good friends that may be concentrating. Do not make light of the strength of this magic trick as it will seem like an honest phenomenon to those bystanders that are taking notice. The skillfulness lies in the presentation and timing of the effect. If you get each of these features correct you will immediately have a reputation for being a tremendous magician.

Don't forget never to make known the secrets of how this magic trick functions to anybody at any time. If you do you will only reduce the energy of this stupendous item of wizardry for ever in your life.